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You can turn any wordpress blog into a podcasting platform with Blubrry. Learn how to set up the BluBrry Powerpress Plugin Correctly so you can begin podcasting.

Hi and welcome to Start A Podcast Fast, the series where I show you how to get your podcast started really quickly. I’m Ryan McLane from podcastfast.com and in this lesson you’re going to learn how to set up the Blubrry PowerPress plugin correctly. This is the plugin that makes WordPress a podcasting platform that you can run your podcast from. I’m going to show you exactly how to set up correctly so you don’t make any mistakes.

The first step is to install the Blubrry PowerPress plugin which is really easy to do. First you need to log into the back end of your website by going to yourdomain.com/wep-admin and you’ll then come up to the dashboard page. We need to add the Blubrry PowerPress plugin and in order to do that on the left hand side we need to find this plugin section and we need to go down to add new. We can see a whole bunch of different plugins that we can add but in the top right we want to click on this search bar and we want to type blubrry and the first one to come up should be this Blubrry PowerPress podcasting plugin. Hit the Install Now button and then confirm it. It will then install and then we click the Activate plugin button. The Blubrry PowerPress plugin is now activated.

The second step is to publish your first podcast episode. It’s important to note that you cannot set up the Blubrry PowerPress Plugin correctly unless you publish a podcast episode. If you haven’t published your first episode please go back and do that lesson How To Publish Podcast Episodes Using WordPress.

Step number three is to enter the basic settings. If you’ve installed the Blubrry plugin which you should have by now you should see down the bottom this PowerPress option. We want to click on the Settings tab that drops down from the PowerPress option. We can see the Blubrry PowerPress settings in default mode which is where we want to be. If by some chance you end up on advanced mode and we will be editing this later, you can simply click the switch to simplify default mode to come back to the default mode. This is a really easy way to set up Blubrry.

What we need to do is go through. For the program title this is going to be the title of your podcast in iTunes so if you leave it blank it will just use your blow title which I always advise against. It’s just better to put in your title. So I’m going to put podcast fast podcast how to start and run a successful podcast. The iTunes program subtitle is a short description of your podcast. I actually don’t know where iTunes uses this. However I do still advise putting it in there just in case they use it and try and put in some key words at the same time. You can see here I’ve done tips and tricks on how to podcast successfully, how to start a podcast and how to make the most of your podcasting on an ongoing basis. I wanted this keyword: how to podcast, how to start a podcast and also the word podcasting in there. So that is what I have done.

We then need to go ahead and enter the iTunes program summary. The iTunes program summary will become the description of your podcast. So again try to put some keywords in there so when people search for you in iTunes they can easily find you. However you do want it to make sense. You can see my description here and I did include a lot of keywords in this description, however I did try to make it make sense. The Podcast Fast Podcast will show you the latest tips and tricks of how to make the most of your podcasting so I’ve got the word podcasting in there and I’ve got the word podcast fast which is my brand name.

Starting from the basics I will show you how to start a podcast and the best ways to run your podcast. We share tips for recording a podcast, how to edit your podcast and interviews with experts will give us more insight into how to podcast and how to make money from your podcasts. You can therefore see that I’ve feed a lot of different keyword phrases in there but it still makes sense.

Lastly, I think it’s very important that you put in the different variants of your brand name in there. For me I put podcast fast with a space between it and I’ve also put podcastfast as one word. Often when people are searching for your brand they might not use spaces and so you need to make sure that when someone is searching for your brand it’s easy to find you so that’s why I’ve done that.

When it comes to iTunes category you can then go ahead and select from all the categories. You have to select the one that is most relevant to you. For me it’s technology podcasting. You can then click on this More Tab as well and you can select two more categories. For the iTunes explicit section you can choose whether your content is clean which means it doesn’t have any swear words or if it’s explicit content. If it has swear words or if you’re not sure just leave it as nothing. My podcast is going to be clean so I’m going to select clean. You then put in your iTunes email address so iTunes will email this address when your podcast is accepted. So, I’m just going to do ryan@podcast fast.com.

Your iTunes image is your podcast image so when people are searching for you in the iTunes Store your image is what will come up. I did show you how to get cheap album art for your podcast in a previous lesson so go back and listen to that if you haven’t already got your album artwork. It need to be at least 1400 by 1400 pixels in JPEG or that PNG format. To put your imagine in here it actually needs to be a URL of the image so first you need to add the image. So if we go up here and we go to media and we click on add new – let’s open that in a new page. We can then go ahead and take our podcast image and we can drop it in there and it will begin uploading. Once it is uploaded go underneath I’ll click on the library tab. Find your art work and click on it and then you want to highlight this URL here and you want to copy that. If we go back into our PowerPress settings where it says iTunes image we simply paste in that URL and we can then preview that just to make sure that it loads correctly which we can see that has done. Under this section Blog Posts and Pages where it says display media and links, we want to actually select this to disable. And the reason we’re doing that is we’re not using the player that is built into Blubrry PowerPress we are using the SoundCloud player. I did show you how to insert that in the lesson How To Publish Podcast Episodes Using WordPress so go back and watch that if you don’t remember how to do that. We then scroll down and we save our changes.

The next step is to go into advanced settings and make just a couple of changes. It is now staying at step three is to submit your feed to iTunes and other podcast directories but we don’t want to do that just yet. What we want to do is switch to advanced mode. We then need to go across to feeds and where it says show the most recent we need to change this episode count so by default it will only show the latest 10 episodes of your podcast. However I’m going to be doing a lot of podcasts so I want it to show a lot of episodes so you put in 100 there, you could put in 1000 so I’m just going to put in 1000 so that way I don’t have to worry about it. You can also enter a feed description. I just like to use the same text that I used for the iTunes summary. You can add in copyright. You can put in your location in your episode frequency. I’m just going to put daily for my episode frequency and then scroll down and hit Save Changes.

We then want to go across to iTunes. Where it says iTunes subscription URL leave that blank because I will show you how to do that in the next lesson where we talk about submitting a podcast to iTunes and Stitcher Radio. For now simply leave that blank. Basically we want to go through here and check that everything is there but we also want to add this iTunes author name. The author name will appear here in iTunes. You can see Ryan McLane, property investing trainer and real estate investment enthusiast. It’s another opportunity for us to add keywords and to rank better in iTunes. Therefore go ahead and add your author name, so put your name first obviously but then you can add a little description at the end using some of your keywords. I’ve had it Ryan McLane, podcast enthusiasts and podcasting trainer. S9o I’ve got the words podcasts and podcasting in there. We then scroll down and hit Save Changes. We then go across to artwork and we just double check that out artwork is in there which it is.

That is how to set up the Blubrry PowerPress Plugin correctly.

If you actually want to run more than one podcast from the one website which is what I’ll be doing then I’m going to show you how to do that in another video. Just go to www.podcastfast.com/more to learn how to do that absolutely free.

In the next lesson I’m going to show you how to submit your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher Radio which is last step in this podcasting tutorial. So until that lesson, don’t just podcast, podcast fast.

I hope this lesson was helpful to you. If you like it then we have more advanced tutorials available to help you learn how to podcast better. We also have tools and resources available. You can check out all of that by heading over to the website at www.podcastfast.com.

Until next time, done just podcast, podcast fast.

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