Fix This Error: Could not find valid MPEG synch before end of file (Ep15)

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If you are podcasting with SoundCloud which I totally recommend that everyone does you may occasionally get this error when you try to put in your direct mp3 link into the Blubrry powerpress plugin. The error says could not find valid MPEG sync before end of file. I am going to show you how to fix this error in this episode.

This error comes up when you put in your direct .mp3 file I have another video that shows you how to do that if you don’t know how to do that already I’ll link to that below and if you click verify URL then you get this error message.

Now this error message doesn’t mean that your podcast episode won’t work in iTunes it will still work as long as this is still the correct link but it doesn’t automatically detect the file size and the duration which means in iTunes the chances of those not being there are quite high.

So we want to have that there so in order to fix this error what we do is simply highlight our direct link URL and we go ahead and we copy it. We then go ahead and open a new tab and we simply paste it into a new tab and click Enter. This will now begin downloading that file. We can see down the bottom here sapf6.mp3 is downloading.

Now if we leave that for about 5 seconds or so, or you can download it completely if your internet is fast enough so for me it is fast enough we can see that download is complete we now go back into WordPress and we click Verify URL and this will actually fix the problem. We can see media verified successfully we can see the file size in bytes and we can see the duration and so that has been fixed.

Why does this fix the problem I have no idea. I have no idea why this fixes the problem I found this fix on someone’s website I tried it myself and it completely works. I’ve done it for many different episodes and it works every single time. So if you have this error simply copy this download that file and verified again straight afterwards that should fix the issue. We can then go ahead and click update on our post and the issue is now fixed. So there you have how to fix the could not find valid mpegs sync before end of file error that happens in the blubrry power press plugin in WordPress when you’re podcasting with SoundCloud.

If you want more advanced tips and training on how to podcast using SoundCloud then go to to get access to that. So until next lesson don’t just podcast, podcast fast.

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