How To Find Your MP3 File Location In SoundCloud (To Use In WordPress) (Ep13)

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Hey this is Ryan from and in this lesson you will learn how to find our MP3 file location in SoundCloud. I personally use this MP3 file to put into the Blubrry power press plugin in wordpress however you can use it for whatever reason you may need it for.

The MP3 files are actually found in your SoundCloud RSS feed. Now you do need to be a podcasting beta user in order to have an RSS feed. So as long as you’re a podcasting beta user this will work if you’re not a podcasting beta user then simply Google SoundCloud podcasting click the first link that comes up and then click here “apply to be accepted to our podcasting beta program” and fill out this form to be accepted. Assuming you are a SoundCloud beta customer simply go to and in the top right hand corner click the sign in button.

Fill in your details and sign in. Once you’re signed in again go to the top right hand corner and click this cog that looks like your settings tab and then down the bottom just above log out click settings.

This will take you to your profile settings page and here you will find your RSS feed. So simply copy this and open a new tab and then paste it into the new tab to get your RSS feed. You can now hit command F or control F if you’re on a PC and type .mp3 in the search tool bar. You will then see.mp3 come up a few times where ever you have files. You can now highlight your files so where it says url = “you want to copy this http:// all the way to .mp3 and that is your direct file location if you need it.

If you then want to add it to your blog then go into the post you want to add it to and find this podcast episode section where it says media url simply paste in the link to the mp3 file. You can then click verify url to make sure that it is correct and we can see it says media verified successfully and we can see this is 16 minutes 58 seconds which I know it is. We can then update our post and that will now syndicate out to iTunes and Stitcher as long as you’re already in their directory.

So I hope that this has helped you to find your mp3 file location in SoundCloud. If you want more tutorials like this one go to and if you want some advanced tips for podcasting using SoundCloud then go to in order to get that advanced tutorial absolutely free so until next time don’t just podcast, podcast fast.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    Your podcasts are really great!
    I have just tried to find the mp3 link using this procedure, but I cannot find any “mp3” inside the rss feed…
    Do you happen to know why this is happening?
    Thank you so much!

    • ryan

      Firstly you need to have a paid account to have the RSS feed. If you have a paid account then sometimes it can take time for the MP3’s to appear in the RSS feed. I have actually discovered an alternative way to get the direct MP3 link at any point in time without the RSS feed but I haven’t created a video on this yet. Let me know if you want this video.

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