How Much Does It Cost To Start A Podcast (Ep10)

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How much does it cost to start a podcast?

In this episode I’m going to break down exactly what it is going to cost you to get your podcast off the ground and get it started so you can work out whether it is worth the investment or not.

Now in this episode we’re not going to be looking at how much equipment cost. I am saving that for lesson number 10 but just so you know equipment is going to cost you between $0 and $100. For example I am recording this episode on my iPhone using the iPhone headphones that came with the device. So I consider that a zero dollar investment because I already had these things anyway however there are some microphones I recommend and they go up to about $100. So if you’re keen on understanding equipment then what I recommend go to lesson 10 by either finding it in iTunes or stitcher are going to So we’re not going to be covering equipment in here but we will be looking at all the other costs associated with starting a podcast.

We’re going to be looking at two different types of people that want to start a podcast. There’s your toe in the water people and there’s your in the deep end people. The toe in the water people are the people who are pretty sure they want to get into podcasting they’re finding it very interesting they’d like to give it a try but they don’t want to invest heavily in podcasting yet. So we want to start with as little investment as possible and in the deep end people are people who know that they want podcast they know they’re going to be podcasting for some time it’s going to be a big driver of your business and so they’re willing to invest a little more upfront if it’s going to save them time or save them money.

So let’s have a look at the toe in the water cost associated with podcasting. The first cost you’re going to have is buying your domain name which is your or whatever it may be. Now in lesson number 3 I’m going to talk specifically about why you need a website for podcasting but just trust me at the moment a domain name is going to cost you about $10. You’re also going to need website hosting as well to host your website and for the toe in the water people this is going to cost you $5.60 for your first month.

I’ve got a special coupon for you and again that’s another lesson when we go through exactly how to set up your website so $5.60 for the first month and then $7 per month after that. We’ve also got Podcast artwork that we need to buy and this is going to cost us $5.50 and we’ve got SoundCloud which isn’t going to cost us anything to start with.

SoundCloud is free up until you have two hour’s worth of audio content. Once you go over there 2 hours and then once you go over 6 hours then it ends up going to $15 per month is the most you’ll ever pay for your SoundCloud account. So it’s going to start at $0 per month and could end up at $15 per month if you do a few long episodes. So the total cost for someone who is toe in the water want to get started but don’t want to make any huge investment it’s going to be $21.10. And then it’s going to cost you $7 per month for the hosting and maybe $15 per month for SoundCloud as well so $7 to $22 per month with your toe in the water.

Now let’s have a look at the people who are all in and are willing to invest a little bit more upfront so they can save themselves some money over the course of the year. You are going to have a domain name as well so you’re going to need to put up $10 that doesn’t change. Domain names are about $10 per year and whether your toe in the water or all in it’s going to be the same. Next you’re going to be buying hosting. You could pay the $5.60 plus the $7 per month or you could pay $76.80 for 2 years using my special coupon code which I’ll share with you when we talk about setting up your website. So $76.80 for 2 years ends up about being $3.60 per month rather than $7 per month.

So you can see that is going to be a significant saving but you do need to put up that $76.80 upfront. You’re going to be looking at a podcast and logo and some art work as well and this is going to cost about $36 but it can be done for as little as $11 or just $5.50 if you don’t want the logo and you just need the artwork. SoundCloud is going to cost you $121 per year for the unlimited SoundCloud amount or you can pay the $15 per month for SoundCloud unlimited but if you’re all in you may as well you sign up for this straight away cause you’re going to get up today at 6 hours really quickly anyway. Next thing that I’m going to recommend people who are in the deep end all in is that they invest in ScreenFlow software which is the software that I recommend for editing your podcast. Now this is going to cost you $99.

I am going to share with you some free editing software with you so you don’t need to invest in this $99 but I do recommend it because not only can you do podcasting but you’ll be able to do videos as well. So the total if you’re just going to invest everything and do everything monthly so your hosting is going to be monthly SoundCloud is going to be monthly and you’re not going to invest in the software well that’s going to cost you $51.60 upfront then it’s going to be $22 per month and if you’re going to invest and do everything up front so pay for your hosting up front SoundCloud upfront just so you know this is what I did for this particular podcast this is exactly what I did then that’s going to cost you $343.30. So it is a bit more of a significant investment than the toe in the water which was about $20 but if you’re serious the $350 isn’t actually that much money when it’s going to be a serious business driver for you.

I actually have created a printable breakdown of all these costs which you can get if you go to you can get a printable breakdown of the costs. I’ve got it for the toe in the water people I’ve got it for the monthly all in people and I’ve got it for the upfront all in people. So you can get that you can print it off you can share that with your business partner your pod coast your podcast host if you have a podcast host or you can show your spouse if you need to show your spouse. You can get that break down a podcast

So that finishes lesson number 2 how much does it cost to start a podcast. So until next time remember don’t just podcast, podcast fast. And last but not least if you are enjoying this series then we would just love for you to share the love go to there’s ways to share this podcast on social media so other people can benefit from it and there’s also instructions on how you can leave us a review in iTunes which helps boost our rankings and get us in front of more people. So if you’re loving this and you want to give back please go to and remember don’t just podcast, podcast fast

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