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Every podcast needs album artwork. In this lesson you will learn how to get great album artwork for really cheap. We are talking $5.50 cheap!

Good Album Artwork Is An Absolute Must

When you go into iTunes or Stitcher Radio you will see that every podcast has artwork associated with it. Good artwork will help you get more listeners and more downloads and I’m going to show you how to get that for cheap.

NOTE: These artworks won’t win any awards but they will be decent enough for you to get started. Once you are further down the line you can always hire a professional designer to improve your artwork.

What do I mean when I say cheap? Well the cost of getting this album artwork will cost you $5.50. That’s right just $5.50.

We’re going to be using a service called Fiverr

Step By Step Process For Ordering Your Artwork


1. First go to Fiverr.com. You will instantly see that there are so many different people doing so many awesome things for just $5, but we want to find someone who is willing to do our podcast artwork.

2. Type podcast artwork in the search bar up the top and then click enter. This will show us people who are willing to do podcast artwork for us.


3. Open designer ads to see more details. We can see in the image below a few different people who will design podcast album art for us. You can open these ads to find the designer you want to hire.


5. Look through the artwork they have done. You can do this by clicking on all of their examples down the bottom of the large image. Looking at their past designs is a great way to work out whether or not they will create a good design for you.

fiverr46. Choose the person that you want to hire. Once you have chosen it all you need to do is click the order now button.

7. You can add extra features to your order (eg. high res, faster turn around, different image options) but it’s going to cost you extra money.

8. Provide the details of your project. Once you pay you’ll then be brought to a page where you can enter the details for what your podcast is about the specifications you have (what you want it to look like etc.) You can then send that description off and it will then take anywhere from 1-10 days for that person to come back and provide you with their artwork.

Some Example Artworks I Ordered

I actually renamed this series a couple of times so I actually ended up ordering a couple of different artworks.

Here’s the first artwork that I ordered:


Here’s the second one that I ordered:


Here is the last one that I got and is the one I ended up sticking with.


Special Tip For Getting Great Artwork

Here is a special tip that you can get access to more than just the 4 people that are offering podcast artwork on fiverr. When you’re in fiverr up the top simply search for “logos” in the search bar instead of “podcast artwork”.

There are so many different people that make logo designs and the great thing about this is you’ve got massive choice as to which people you think are the best. Spend some time going through these people and find out who the best desginer is.

Once you have found someone that you love go to their ad and click the “contact me” button and then ask them something along the lines of:

“I love your logo I really want to hire you. I was just wondering if you can do a podcast artwork for me”

Just make sure you let them know that it needs to be 1400 x 1400 pixels as the size. That’s exactly what I did with my 3rd artwork design which was the one I ended up sticking with.

Rather than going through fiverr yourself using luck of the draw you can actually get a short list of who I think who are the best fiverr suppliers.

Simply go to PodcastFast.com/art in order to get access to that shortlist absolutely free.

So that completes this lesson how to get cheap album artwork for your podcast. In the next lesson I’m going to show you how to set up your podcast with SoundCloud.

Until then don’t just podcast, podcast fast.

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