How To Add New Fonts To Screenflow (Ep14)

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Want to use a font in screenflow that doesn’t currently exist. Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to add new fonts to screenflow to use in any video.

Hi, this is Ryan from and in this videoyou’re going to learnhow toadd new fonts into ScreenFlow.

So if you want a new font in ScreenFlowone that isn’t available by defaultI’m going to show you exactly how to add that.If I go into ScreenFlowbasically what I want to dois – you can see here my logo, basically what I want to do is be able to usethis font. And this font doesn’t actually exist so if I gointo the textbox and I click add new and we can say we’ve got some text up there and I’m just making it bigger so that you can see it.My font is actually called age so if I go here then you can see thatobviously age doesn’t exist. So to add this font what we need to do is go right up the top to the menu options and we need to click on fontand we need to click on show font. We can also hit commandT in order to do this as a shortcut. That will thenbring up this little font tab here.

What we want to do is actually gointo the settings bar on the top left and we want to clickthat down and then we want to click on managefonts. What we want to do is to then add our font. So we just simply click the plusbuttonup the top. We then find our font. So for me it’s age.otf and we click open. This will nowadd the font to our selectionof fonts.So we can see that there’rethese user added fonts and we can see that age is in there now. Now we can simply close that off.  So we are back here and now we can see all fonts and we can seethat age is there.

If I just exit out of this I’m then going to need to restartScreenFlow.So I’m going to need to exit out of it, close it completely and restart it. Okay, so I actually closedout of ScreenFlowand restarted it. I couldn’t show you thatbecause ScreenFlowwas recording it but I did exit out of it. I held onto to here down the bottomand made sure that it was quitso that it was completely deactivatedand then I reopened it up. So now if I click on my textand highlight it or if I click on it down here I can thenchoose my font and I can see that age is now available.And the text is now available and I can edit that text however I want to.

That is how you add a font to ScreenFlow.

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